How to Access the P2P Market: DIY or Fund Manager?

Marketplace loans (MPLs), also known as peer-to-peer loans, are an exciting new asset class offering institutional investors and wealth managers a number of benefits not found in traditional fixed income products. However, because they are typically issued to retail consumers and private businesses, each loan is relatively small. For a manager looking to invest tens[…]

Three Layers of FinTech

Article was originally published in Caijing. Synopsis Fintech has become the darling of the VC world over the past few years including a number of technologies such as crowdfunding, blockchain, and robo-advisory. At the same time, it is an all-encompassing term that has eluded definition. Worse, industry participants tend to conflate finance and the technology[…]

A Machine Learning Approach to Selecting P2P Loans

The growth of P2P lending has brought with it an exciting opportunity for investors to create and deploy their own credit scoring models in building their loan portfolios. The appeal here is obvious due, in large part, to the investor’s ability to refine and target profitable “pockets” of loans that simple combinations of filters would[…]